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About American Products International
API Promo has been in promotional industry over 45years, was established and grown in US experienced in advertising industry, extend to China since 2000, we had been purchasing and insepction agency worked for biggest companies in the world and end this kind business at 2007. after that we focus on building our manufacturing system to serve our customers in promotional industry. discover good factories, dig lowest cost and secure good quality for our customers. everything we do is done with one goal, to ensure our customers get exactly that they need and save their money. we treasure our reputation in business industry.
                                                                                                                              Why API Promo
                                                               Our slogan is Just Right!                                            
                                                               Right time to meet --- We be experienced of promotional business.  
                                                               Right place you found --- We have ability handle your business. 
                                                               Right People you are looking for --- We are professional and be your loyalty business partner. 
                                                               Right Price always be met --- We will digging the lowest cost and good manufactures. 
                                                               Right Quality satisfited your clients --- Every details will meet your expectation.
                                                               Right Service make you easy --- We treat our customers in the way we want to be treated. 
                                                Making everything Right! not just that,  you can expect value-added service and more than that from API Promo. 


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What Clients Say
    • Justin
    • 20 October.2017
    • The imprinted mugs arrived on time, and thanks to your help, everyone is thrilled with them.
    • Karen Smith
    • 20 October.2017
    • I appreciate all the effort put forth to get the order taken care of. Thank you for all!
    • Janice P.
    • 20 October.2017
    • It was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to a long working relationship.
    • Jane Stephens
    • 20 October.2017
    • I will certainly use API Promo again, and recommend you to my co-workers and others.
    • Edward
    • 20 October.2017
    • We received our caps the other day and they look really great.